The City Council of the City of Rainbow City, Alabama, met in regular session at City Hall at 6:30 p.m., and upon roll call by Beth Lee, acting City Clerk/Treasurer the following members answered present: Mayor Terry John Calhoun, Council members: Anita Bedwell, Bobby McCartney, Lloyd Matthews, Larry Keenum and Kris Cornutt.

The same constituting a quorum of the City Council, the following business was transacted. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Terry John Calhoun. Invocation was given by Kris Cornutt. Mayor Calhoun led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.


  1. Mayor Calhoun presented the minutes of May 10, 2010 for review and asked if there were any corrections, additions, or deletions. There being none, Lloyd Matthews moved and Kris Cornutt seconded the motion to approve the minutes as presented. Mayor Calhoun stated all in favor say aye. All ayes. Mayor Calhoun declared the motion carried.


  1. Mayor Calhoun stated bids were opened by the acting clerk at 6:00 p.m. for the carpet, paint/wallpaper for City Hall. A total of three (3) bids were received for carpet as follows:

Alley’s Carpet                          $13,484

Foote Bros.                              $13,333

Knight’s Flooring                      $14,450

Mince Interiors             $14,022

Three (3) other bids were received for paint/wallpaper from:


Larry Mince Flooring & Interiors by Carolyn

Decorator Store

Tommy Pope Construction

The Mayor recommended a review of the bids and a recommendation at next council meeting.


  1. Mayor Calhoun stated that no bids had been received for the Glock Automatic Pistol and recommended that it be rebid and award it on June 14, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.


  1. Mayor Calhoun presented a proclamation to Mack & Connie Butler congratulating them on their 25th year as a Rainbow City business.


  1. Mayor Calhoun presented a sample noise ordinance from Jim Turnbach. The Mayor recommends the council to review this ordinance and make sure it is applicable to Rainbow City as we have agricultural, commercial, residential areas, cars, and heavy equipment. The council in encourage to contact Mr. Turnbach if they have any questions and they need to have it ready to present at the next council meeting on June 14th.
  2. Mayor Calhoun presented a request for a special retail liquor license for Center Stage to transfer the license from Dana Loconto to Wayne Hollar. The Mayor asked if anyone had any questions regarding this request. There being none Lloyd Matthews made the motion and Kris Cornutt seconded the motion to allow the transfer. All ayes. Mayor declared the motion carried.


  1. Mayor Calhoun presented a request from Tina Brooks, Librarian to amend her budget to increase Books by $3,000 and Equipment & Tools by $9,150. The increase is to reflect grant funds received from the Etowah County Library Committee. Funds will be used for collection development and to purchase a color copier, four (4) computers, software, and a digital camera. Anita Bedwell made the motion to amend the budget and Lloyd Matthews seconded the motion. All ayes. Mayor Calhoun declared the motion carried.


  1. Mayor Calhoun announced that ADEM will not issue a burn permit to the city to burn debris in the new Industrial Park. Wiley has been approached by Mason Caldwell to dump the debris at his site for $15 per load. Estimated loads – 100. Anita Bedwell made the suggestion to leave it on site. Lloyd Matthews stated he would like to address it at a later date. Bobby McCartney made the motion to haul the debris to Mason’s site. Died for lack of a second.


  1. Mayor Calhoun read a recommendation from Chief Ragan that the city lower the speed limit in Druid Park to 15 miles per hour. Lloyd Matthews made the motion and Anita Bedwell seconded the motion to reduce the speed limit. All ayes. Mayor Calhoun declared the motion carried.


  1. Mayor Calhoun read a statement from Chief Ragan commending Captain Greg Carroll, Lieutenant Chase Jenkins, and the Etowah County DEU on their quick response to the scene and outstanding job in apprehending the armed assailant that robbed Super Bee Pharmacy on May 13, 2010. Their conduct along with county agents, the Rainbow City Police Department, and the Southside Police Department is a positive reflection on the cooperation of law enforcement agencies within Etowah County.


  1. Lloyd Matthews reported that he appreciated the police department and the excellent job they did on the recent burglary. Wanted to remind everyone about the Memorial Day garbage pickup schedule. Monday and Tuesday’s garbage will be picked up on Tuesday. Asked Greg Payne about installing the A/C in shop.


  1. Kris Cornutt wanted to caution everyone about children playing outside during the summer and asked everyone to obey the speed limit.


  1. Larry Keenum stated that there are three (3) openings for a Sergeant’s position within the Police Department and will post for interviews soon. Wished everyone a safe holiday.


  1. Anita Bedwell made a motion to change the budget due to the increase in workman’s comp insurance. Lloyd Matthews seconded the motion. All ayes, Mayor Calhoun declared the motion carried.


  1. Bobby McCartney thanked Eddie Cline and his department for the great work they have done at the walking track.   He announced that a mosquito sprayer would be demonstrated in the parking lot after council meeting and hoped that a decision could be made soon on the purchase of a new mosquito sprayer..


  1. Mayor Calhoun recognized Randall Green who is a candidate for Etowah County Commission District 5 and asked if he would like to speak. Mayor Calhoun also announced that bids will be opened on June 7th at 10:00 a.m. for the resurfacing project.


There being no further business to come before the Council at this time, Lloyd Matthews made a motion to adjourn.


Time adjourned: 6:56 p.m.



Beth Lee, Acting City Clerk/Treasurer




Terry John Calhoun, Mayor


City Hall

3700 Rainbow Drive
Rainbow City, AL 35906

+1 (256) 442 2511