The Planning Commission of the City of Rainbow City, Alabama met in a regular session at 4:00 P.M. and upon roll call the following members were present:


Present:                                                                Absent:

Thomas Moon, Chairman                                       Wes Ellis, Vice Chairman

Terry John Calhoun, Mayor                                     Sam Wilson

Larry Keenum, Council Member                              Bryan Stone

Larry Harris

Elbert Tarvin

Mona Wallace


Also Present:

Wiley McLain, Building Official                                  Laura Lloyd, City Attorney

Mark Stephens, City Engineer                                 Greg Payne, Street Supervisor

Eddie Perman, City Engineer


  1. Upon roll call, Chairman Thomas Moon declared a quorum was present and the

following business was transacted.


  1. The minutes from the August 25, 2009 were presented. Mona Wallace made a

motion to suspend the reading of the minutes and approve the minutes as

presented. Elbert Tarvin seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A public hearing was announced for Asahi Japanese Sushi Bar, Tsuey (Tracy)

Fang owner, who is seeking re-zoning of Suite 201-C of Rainbow Plaza from

Highway Commercial to Highway Commercial – RL. The RL rezoning will allow

the owner to sell alcoholic beverages in the restaurant. This zoning also means

that 60% of their income will be from food. The Building Department received a

letter from the Rainbow Plaza Associates LTD, granting Mrs. Fang permission to

represent the Plaza in this request. After discussion, Elbert Tarvin moved the

Planning Commission recommend to the City Council to rezone 3225 Rainbow

Drive, Suite 201-C to HC-RL. Larry Harris seconded the motion. Motion carried



  1. The Building Department presented the following request to the Planning


  1. Not allow churches in the Highway Commercial Zoning District;
  2. Change Section 107, paragraph (c) concerning security lighting;
  3. Redefine dust free surface for mini warehouse construction.

After discussion, the Planning Commission asked that the Building Dept. to

contact East Alabama Planning concerning churches in the HC Zoning, ask Larry

Harris to work with Wiley about the security lighting using spec’s from the City of

Huntsville’s Ordinance, and for the Building Dept. to come up with a definition for

dust free surface according to FEMA Regulations. Planning took no other action

today. Another public hearing for these request will be addressed at the next



  1. There being no other business to come before The Planning Commission, Larry

Harris moved to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,



Kathy Hill

Recording Secretary

City Hall

3700 Rainbow Drive
Rainbow City, AL 35906

+1 (256) 442 2511