All regular council meetings shall convene at 5:00 p.m. beginning Jan 27, 2015 (Pre-council begins at 4:30 p.m.).

Council Goals

General long-term goals

  1. Provide for the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.
  2. Create a positive economic environment.
  3. Encourage diverse recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities and maintain a full range of efficiently provided municipal services.
  4. Provide a positive work environment which encourages teamwork, initiative, productivity, and individual development and creativity.
  5. Commit to excellence in leadership and management skills to instill confidence in the integrity of City government.
  6. Promote orderly growth while minimizing negative impacts on the community and its environment.

Short-term goals

  1. Enhance police and fire protection in the community.
  2. Identify, prioritize and fund capital improvements for the community.

Economic Development

  1. Continue to work with the Economic Development Foundation (EDF) to implement its strategic plan.
  2. Continue aggressive annexation program.

Legislative Activities

  1. Continue our involvement with the federal, state, county and local elected officials.
  2. Develop opportunities for local citizens to serve at the state level.
  3. Continue our involvement with the national and state municipal leagues.

2020-2025 Rainbow City Mayor and Council

Joe Taylor, Mayor

Anita Bedwell, Place 1

Randy Vice, Place 2

Jeff Prince, Place 3

Jameson Jenkins, Place 4

Clark Hopper, Place 5

Jim Turnbach
City Attorney

City Hall

3700 Rainbow Drive
Rainbow City, AL 35906

+1 (256) 442 2511