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Welcome to the Rainbow City Fire Department’s web site! We appreciate your taking the time to visit us and we hope the information you find here proves helpful.

Excellence in service is the hallmark of the Rainbow City Fire Department. Over the years, the recognition that the people of Rainbow City must be given the highest quality service has been a basic tenet of our organization.

To meet the needs of today’s customers, we believe that our mission can best be accomplished by taking a proactive stance, meaning that our efforts should primarily focus on providing the information necessary to prevent, reduce, and avoid emergency situations, rather than emphasizing our ability to respond to and control emergencies after they occur.

Again, thank you for visiting and please let us know how we may be of service to you. All of us at Rainbow City Fire Department wish you the best of health and safety.

Melvin Potter
Fire Chief


“The Rainbow City Fire Department will be a leading fire organization aggressively pursuing new opportunities to provide and diversify our services in order to exceed the public’s expectations.”


“The highly trained members of the Rainbow City Fire Department dedicate our efforts to ensuring the safety, satisfaction, and well-being of the people we serve.”

A-Shift Crew
Capt. Robert McCary, Asst. Chief Kevin Conklin, Phillip Bowlin, Capt. Richard Johnson, Vinnie Dupree, Lt. Brad Crosby, Chris McCarver, and Nick Hill

B-Shift Crew

L-R: Capt: Michael Johnson, Assistant Chief Mitch Ramsey, Lt. Craig Hill, Capt. Slade Wilson, Shane Brown, Jeremy Hawkins, Landon Ball

C-Shift Crew


L-R: Assistant Chief Richard Johnson, Captain Larry Murray, Captain David Divine, Todd Cook, Jason Green, Jeremy Hawkins, Scott Richardson

ISO Fire Department Rating

Our Dog Flint

Before Christmas 2009, Cheryl Moorer, a student’s parent at John S. Jones Elementary School asked Captain Larry Murray if the fire department had a “fire dog suit”. Captain Murray’s reply was “No”, so Mrs. Moorer said she wanted to help obtain one.

Mrs. Moorer developed a plan that involved students bringing spare change for a period of two and a half weeks. The students raised $1250 and a $250 donation from McCord Communication completed the $1500 total!

Counting $1250 in change is a daunting task but thanks go to Chris Daniel at Exchange Bank for taking the change and processing it for the project. Mrs. Tanya Clark, Principal at John Jones, the students, parents, and teachers all played a huge role in this effort. Mrs. Donna Robertson’s 4th grade class raised the most money in the school and as a reward, Mrs. Moorer provided a pizza party for the class.

Additionally, this class was allowed to name the dog. The top four names were Flint, Flame, Big Red and Smokey. Smokey was eliminated because of the U.S. Forest Service connection. Of the other three names, Flint was selected. Alan and Cheryl Moorer are commended for their dedication in securing the funds for this valuable fire prevention tool.

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3700 Rainbow Drive
Rainbow City, AL 35906

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